Mother’s Day

I am thankful for all the mother’s who are and have been active participants in their child’s life to help guide and direct them in this complicated world we live in.  I am especially thankful for single mothers, just like my mother, Thelma Jones.  She is the one who inspired me to write A mother’s words of wisdom.  From my heart to yours. Building within. My mother taught me the importance of building within—with important values and principles to live by.

  As a mother myself, I still cannot comprehend the hard work, love, patience, and understanding it takes to take on the responsibility of raising three small children under the age of 5 mainly by yourself.  My mother had some support, but she knew that it was up to her to do majority of the work and not pass the buck.  My mother had a choice, and by the grace of God, she chose to handle her responsibility.  She did not know what she had in store, just some money and a few suitcases to embark on a new chapter in her life…

I am honored, Thelma Jones, to say that you are my mother.  You always look for opportunities to teach us about life and to help us be responsible for the life we have.  You always look for opportunities to call and check on me to see how my family is doing..You never pushed your ideas or words of wisdom on me…You always reminded me that I have a choice in life, and that it is my life…that it is our life as your children. 

Thank you Mother for honoring the symbol of motherhood.  You are a conscious parent.  The choices you made were out of love and not deceit or hate.  You tried your best to do the best for us.  I look forward to Mother’s Day, which is in a few days, and everyday that we are blessed to have you in our lives…Your heart is so big, and it shows in your actions to those who’s lives you touch.


I love you mom,


Timika Chambers

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