Wednesday Tip 0717/13: What did I learn from all this?

Given the recent verdict in the Trayvon and Zimmerman case and all other incidences in the world that have not received much attention, what do I take from the situation to make me better and not bitter? Bitterness can lead to more negative emotions, feelings, killings, and all other things that are not necessarily helping to make this world a better place. As a matter of fact, it may be feeding into the negativity bank.

I used to be hesitant about bringing a child into this world, until it dawned on me that my offspring, just like any others, can become solution-focused instead of problem-focused individuals. It is up to the parents to educate their children properly about the issues in society and help them to think of possible solutions to solving many of these issues. A proper education is important such as reading, writing, math, social studies, sciences, etc. But do not forget about the spiritual aspect of our child. The part of our child that defines his or her character, personalities, and the good he or she can add to the world. #life, #lifelessons, #socialgood, #4change


Timika Chambers RN BSN MSN CDE

Writer, Author of A mother’s words of wisdom. From my heart to yours. Building within

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