Monthly Archives: November 2016

Culture: What will we do?

Culture Are you able to see the beauty and truth in someone else’s culture? I am thankful for the diverse cultures that we have and so much truth and value in what others practice.  I believe that there is so much to learn from other cultures instead of belittling and discriminating groups of people because […]

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Sated: Some rest, relaxation, and pursue my goals

Sated Gratitude filled my heart yesterday (family, friends, job, roof over our head, food in our refrigerator, safe travels, and much more to be grateful for). I was happily sated with good food, family, and just life period. However, it did not take long for this mother of two to find my sanctuary. The combination […]

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Chaotic Chaotic at times, I was still able to finish my portion of Thanksgiving dinner by noon. Last year, our children were younger and slept in later. Then, I was able to complete Thanksgiving dinner by 9am. The link for the three recipes are included at the bottom of my blog😄. Our children wanted to […]

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