Relish: Unfulfilled dreams


pleasing others


I do not relish the fact that some dreams go unfulfilled, some talents/gifts go unnoticed, and some goals go unachieved because of many factors, including, but not limited to:

1. Desiring Social acceptance and avoidance of ridicule more than being your true self-Always wanting to be in the in-crowd and not wanting to veer far from an individual or individuals who have accepted them. When some individuals live this lie, the group has accepted you for who you are portraying to be and not your true self because they do not know who you truly are.

2. Lack of determination to pursue our goals. Some individuals may not feel motivated to pursue their goals because they may believe it’s hard work to go after what they truly want. We do not know unless we try, and when we fail the first time, keep trying. Grow into who you are by doing your part.

3. Low self-efficacy- Some individuals may not feel that they are not capable of great work and belittle the work that they have done. Believe that you are a masterpiece. There is no one like you. We are a great creation. Just pause for a minute and think about your mind and body and how well each part of your body was made to work together. Let go of your expectations and get to know you. Many things were considered silly before they became useful. Look around your house. You can probably find some gadgets. Do not worry so much about the future and have fun being you.

4. Lack of direction or guidance- Some individuals may fear reaching out to others or not sure who to reach out to. Mentors can be found in books, as well. There are some great stories out there about how others found their niche and their journey. You do not have to go searching the country for a mentor.

Keep writing!

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