Community Walk for Diabetes through the American Diabetes Association


Many healthcare providers will tell you that walking is the best medicine for improving your health, including losing and maintaining weight, improving blood circulation throughout the body, increasing and releasing the feel good hormones such as endorphins, and improving and maintaining blood sugar control. You always want to make sure that you get your provider’s permission along with an action plan before you start exercising, especially if you have diabetes. You will need to make sure you coordinate blood sugar checking and snacking.
Diabetes goes beyond affecting the individual, but it affects the families as well. The American Diabetes Association tries to reach out to families as well to be the resources for those with diabetes. Without proper treatment, diabetes can cost billions of dollars in preventative and treatment cost. Diabetes can be managed, as I have spent many years in helping those to manage their diabetes.
The American Diabetes Association has its Community Walk coming up in more than 125 cities taking part. You can participate in the American Diabetes Association community walk by joining a walk, starting a walk, donating, or you can do all three. It is up to you. Go to
to learn more information. You can also put in your state or zip code to find out when there will be an American Diabetes Association community walk in your city or within the entire state, in case you want to venture out. According to the American Diabetes Association website, if you are here in Canal Winchester area, the next walk will be in Columbus, October 12, 2013.
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To better health
Timika Chambers RN BSN MSN CDE
Author of A mother’s words of wisdom. From my heart to yours. Building within
About the book: The author shares the importance of being the role model we need for our children, the future leaders of tomorrow. She shares 10 of the most important principles taught by her mother, a single parent of three.

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