Flattery: Is it really necessary to get what you want?


Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Anonymous

Have you ever just wanted to say how you truly felt and nothing more, but you chose to flatter instead?

Is it necessary to flatter someone so that you get the outcome you want?
Whether you are trying to sell someone a car, purse, style, or an idea, why is it not enough to just say the truth? How would you respond to following scenarios.

1. If you know that a woman close to you (sister, girlfriend, wife, close family member) is a little short, and when she asks you for your opinion, should you tell her all the nice qualities about the dress (color, split on the side, etc) and not tell her that the dress is one length away from being a bathing suit and not business casual?

2. If you were a car salesperson, and you have a 6 foot 9 athlete wanting to purchase a car that is evidently too small for him. You see that he is uncomfortable in the car. Do you just smile along and tell the athlete all of the good qualities about the car and leave out how obviously the car is too small for him just to make the sell?

3. If you know your husband is having trouble buttoning up his favorite jacket, do you remind him of how good he looks in the color to avoid going to the mall and helping him to pick out another jacket?

4. If your child attended the best school in the state you lived, and the teachers were giving him or her a hard time with his (style of dress, his /her unique hairstyle, etc), would you just flatter the teacher hoping that she will leave your child alone and pass him or her.

5. If you were with a novice comedian who you thought was just a bit funny, would you tell him or her that he or she was the funniest person you had ever met,just to get tickets at the next Comedy show?


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