You’ve gotta be original, because if you’re like someone else, what do they need you for?
Bernadette Peters

Growing up, my mother would always say “Know your place and get in it”. I took my mother’s words to mean that you have to know yourself and find out what brings you peace and joy. And even more as an adult, know your history and all of the cells and energy that has formed to make you. Know what you like and do not like and be true to yourself. If something does not feel right, then do not do it. If you are truly dissatisfied with something, then change it. You will have less to regret when you are older. Be you and do you the best way you know how.

Love yourself enough, so that the only person you want to be is you. If you are not comfortable in your own skin, with your own nose, your own body shape, then who are you? Who are you trying to be? Whoever you are trying to be, please be reminded, that, that individual already exists. If you are trying to be someone else, then you are not the original. You are a copy. And when it comes to competition, let the only person you are really competing with is yourself.

It should not matter so much what others think of you. What do you think of yourself? And when you ask this question, be true to yourself. Do you treat others with respect and believe that everyone has a place here on earth? Do you believe that life is a basic right to all and not just a privilege? Do you believe that everyone has something to give, some unique gift or talent? Much of what we think or do says a lot about who we truly are, no matter how much you try to deny it.

Who are you trying to be?


2 Comments on “Original”

  1. I really don’t care about what other people think about me or my actions, which don’t hurt anybody. But last month I found out there is someone extremely envious of my life and has been working on destroying me in many ways. And I didn’t have a clue. 😑 I am trying to think of what I did to let her be so cruel… even to my kids.


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