Sincere gratitude

As I reflect on today and the past, there are many things that I would like to express sincere gratitude for; I am thankful:

  1. To be alive and have lived a great portion of today.  I know many people, from high school, family, and friends who are not alive today.  Life is not guaranteed.  I love Tim McGraw’s song Live life like you were dying.  His song reminds me of the importance of living each day to the fullest and to have fun.  I am getting better at this!
  2. For my past and present.  Our past experiences were not meant to make us bitter.  We are to learn from our actions and their consequences…so that we can be more compassionate when others commit the same life lessons, and even show others how to live through events and be stronger and better…You cannot break something that is already whole.  Enough time feeling sorry for events that happened in the past.  Live for the present and plan to make the best out of this life.  As in #1, we never know when tomorrow or today will be our last day.
  3. For the ability to think clearly and make rational judgments.  I love the ability to self-reflect and make better decisions.  You are what you feed yourself, including the people and things you expose yourself to.  Keep mindful of the company you keep, the shows you watch, and the music you listen to.  No one is perfect; it’s okay to strive for excellence!
  4. To have a “roof over my head”.   In 2013, over 12, 000 people were homeless in the state of Ohio.  It’s getting cold outside and every fall/winter, I am so grateful to have a warm home.
  5. For the ability to write and document life.  I have been keeping a journal since I was 13/14, and it’s such a blessing to be able to write to understand life and life’s concepts.




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