Bludgeon: Let it go

When one feels like he needs to force another person to do something, it is more about the person who is forcing or threatening the other person to do something than about the person you are trying to force. If someone really wants to do something, he or she will. For example, I as a Certified Diabetes Educator, I don’t force someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes to check his or her blood sugar. If after all of the assessment and proper education is done,  and that person chooses to not check his or her blood sugar and suffer the possible consequences,  I respect his or her decision.

In my personal and professional life, I have found to always do my part and then let go. My mother taught me that when you have done your part , let go.  Believe it or not, I have seen others accomplish their goals and incorporate positive behaviors in their life after  that person no longer feels forced to do so. People want to be respected and not just told to do something.

Forcing someone to do something he or she doesn’t want to do obviously means that person doesn’t want to  do whatever it is you are asking him or her to do. Maybe instead of forcing, assess the situation, if it is not blatantly obvious why the person does not want to do something, then ask yourself ” am I being reasonable to ask such a thing” and if so, then ask the person why or she doesn’t want to do what’s being asked. Maybe that person is afraid or doesn’t know how.

Is it because of ego that we are trying to force someone to do something?  More than likely…yes.

I do believe people have free will to live their life and are capable of doing so as long as they are able to ( mentally, physically, etc). If someone has issues with low self esteem, self -efficacy or confidence  in his or her abilities, then that person may need time for personal development/ growth

If you feel you have to force someone to do some unreasonable or even reasonable action, know it’s time to back off and check yourself.

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