Chaotic at times, I was still able to finish my portion of Thanksgiving dinner by noon. Last year, our children were younger and slept in later. Then, I was able to complete Thanksgiving dinner by 9am. The link for the three recipes are included at the bottom of my blog😄. Our children wanted to help out  today especially when it came to using flour to make the sweet potato-gnocchi.  I will cut gnocchi in smaller sizes next time.  I am not a big fan of dumplings; however, sweet potato gnocchi is pretty good. I did add brown sugar to butter sauce.

Our son found a dessert recipe on Hobby Kids T. V. Got a glimpse of it yesterday and was pretty simple for our children to make. The dessert is made up of cool whip and your favorite flavor of yogurt. Our son’s favorite yogurt is cherry.

So, I am not a big fan of peas, yet, I do like trying different recipes. I used Guy Fieri’s Prosciutto and peas recipe as noted in previous posts. Great taste ..Another option instead of just peas. I will definitely try it again. I left out the lemon zest and may add it tomorrow.

I purchased lamb chops and cooked the chops in a slow cooker. The lamb is so tender and falling off the bones. Next time, I will probably add vegetables last. I did add red bell pepper last. I like my veggies somewhat fresh and a bit of a crunch, and I was trying to follow the original recipe as much as possible .

I had my doubts about making the three recipes for Thanksgiving and thought about fixing the recipes at a later date. Glad I followed through. We ate with family and friends at another house. It took me one time to crave Turkey and dressing and not have any at home. So, ever since then, I cook a little something at home at every major holiday. Our daughter wanted a piece of lamb before our travels, and she said it was good.  I also cooked greens, dressing, and other traditional items. Here is the link to all three recipes
Hope your Thanksgiving was full of love and good food!


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