A lesson learned: Hopefully, lessons learned from Paula Deen.


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I try to see the positive in things.  I remember saying to myself as a little girl that I want to learn from my mistakes and preferably from the mistakes of others.  I can tell you I was a bit disappointed when I heard that Paula Deen used the ‘N” word in the past, and it had not been the first time.  I may be disappointed, but not surprised as I thought about what was said about her being raised in the South.  I will further explain below.


I admire Paula Deen and what she has been through.  I read her memoir It ain’t all about the Cookin’ and was inspired by her book that even though life has its downs, you can still overcome and be successful.  I love her accent and the way, I thought, she remained humble about her success.  I think it is a great gift to be able to cook delicious meals with so many combinations.


I know that racism is still prevalent, and many of the books I read about racism and slavery deal a lot with the South.  I know that Paula Deen has been reported saying that her family does not participate in racism; however, I do not know if her children was around her when she used racist words, because if she did, they were exposed to this and especially the anger that comes with it.  Children do not forget, and just because , we were raised a certain way, does not mean that we should continue it as I mention in Chapter 11 of my book  A mother’s words of wisdom:  From my heart to yours. Building within.   Many companies and organizations are not tolerating racism or any form of discrimination, even though some individuals are still racist and discriminate against others.   Parents are such an influence on their children, especially the mothers.  I believe that another lesson that was confirmed was that parents should be careful what you do in the past, because the past may hurt you in the future.  You never know that very negative thing you are role modeling to your children, is the very thing that may negative impact their dreams, goals, and future successes.


It made me feel good that the Food Network was vocal about not tolerating discrimination.  I cannot lie about that.  I will miss Paula Deen on the show. Thank you, Paula, for your honesty in admitting the use of racist words.   I do wish you well.


I would love to hear your comments.




Timika Chambers

A mother’s words of wisdom.  From my heart to yours.

3 Comments on “A lesson learned: Hopefully, lessons learned from Paula Deen.”

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    • Thank you for your thoughts! I appreciate your comments. Life is full of learning experiences, and it is great when we can all learn from each other to be our best….not judging…just learning, when possible. I hope she grows us well. As noted,she has inspired me to do my best and know that anything is possible…especially following your true passion.

      Thanks again!


  2. I, too, was disappointed when I heard about Paula Deen’s use of such a vile word. It shattered my perception of who she was. But like you, that perception was redeemed somewhat by her being able to admit it. I try to remember that people do the best they can at whatever stage in life they are at. I like to think she is coming upon a learning stage, and I hope she grows from this experience. Thanks for your thoughts.


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