Homeschool versus Public or Private school?

The thought has  been popping up every now and then and, of course, more recently now that our oldest will be 5 this month, September, 22. I have been trying to introduce our son and daughter to the fundamentals (alphabets, reading, math -our son loves subtraction, art, science, and history. I want our children to be well-educated about different races/cultures.  My background is nursing; and  I love learning and educating, empowering, and inspiring others.  I remember teaching my stuffed animals when I was a young girl living in Eagle Park, Illinois.  On one occasion, I read and educated them on Bible scriptures.  in every role I have ever had, I understood the power of accurate and timely education as well as holistic care.  I am grateful for the education I had at Venice Elementary and Venice High School, a public school  I know that many schools stick to a rigorous schedule and provide education that is mostly from recommended textbooks.    Until my 20’s, I did not realize how much history I was not aware of  and had not  been taught-Hispanic, African American,etc. I do not blame it on the education I received as a young girl/teenager, nor do I blame the lack of knowledge on my parents.  My eyes are a bit open, of course, to our nation’s history and the contributions many have made from a variety of different cultures/races/religions.   I do  believe that children can learn in many different settings, and that the setting does not necessarily need to be in a school sitting at a desk.  There is so much to learn outside a building and so many opportunities for creative learning.

I am in awe every time I look at my children as I try to hold on to those infancy and toddler years.  Not only do I have thousands of pictures on CD, in print, and stored in my camera, I also try to maintain this photographic memory (yes…I am quite a visual person). I am so thankful of the opportunity to have a boy and a girl. .I enjoy learning about human behavoior and the wonderful body that we have (brain, heart, spleen, kidneys, and how they function to keep us alive).   I am amazed and more in awe with the words they say and the things they do.  Maybe, a part of me want to homeschool  and be more creative wiith providing education to our children and watching our  children learn, adopt habits of their own, and grow.

My heart goes out to those who have lost their children due to evil acts.  I find it very hard to wrap my head around how some individuals can take the innocent lives of children. It is very sad to think about such acts (columbine shootings  and Sandy Hook elementary shooting.  Tears are dropping from my eyes as I think and write about such events.  I have discussed homeschooling with many parents who are homeschooling their children, and one common reason they are homeschooling is to help prevent bullying.  Bullying, online and in person, has wrecked many homes and taken many lives of individuals….another tear dropping subject.

I admit that I am fearful of my children going to school outside the home; however, I do not want fear to be what drives me in making choices for their education and well being.  I want our children to have a well-wounded education and to be able to interact with others in a respectful way.  I look at the flexibility and independence that home schooling offers, and  I know a few parents who are actually homeschooling and love it (even my fav Food Network Star Ree Drummond/The Pioneer Woman).  I can see myself homeshooling and if  we decide to send our children to public school, see myself picking up the children from school, too.  Needless to say I am a bit torn about the subject matter.  I like to make informed decisions as much as possible, and do not want to rush at making a very important  decision that will help set the pace for the rest of their lives.  .  .


Any input is well appreciated.


  1.  What schools are the best in any given state?  Which websites has the most up-to- date and accurate information about schools? Which schools will protect our  children from bullying?  Treat them equally and fairly?-We have done some research over the years and look at ratings. However, I do not think ratings give you a full picture of the school and their quality education?
  2. How to organize supplies?  I currently collect material -Deals, online homeschooling newsletters/facebook, subscribed to ABC mouse on both Galaxies for kids—I feel like I am not quite there and more time needs to be spent on reviewing uptodate information.  Where do you keep your supplies and are they organized for each day of the week?
  3. How to organize time for homeschooling and balance my time with other obligations/desires?   I think mornings may be better for the kids, but feel like I need to have “school time” more than once a day-maybe around 4-5pm after snack.  Any methods work best?


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