Fish: Finding inspiration in small happenings


Doubt may creep in at anytime..You may experience doubt in who you are , what you can do, and your future. Regardless of what may come your way, remember that you always have a choice. You can let doubt overcome you, or you can overcome doubt by not denying how you feel and explore why is it that you have doubt. If I just allow myself to experience, to stand still in the mist of doubt or whatever emotion/feeling that I am having, I often find that inspiration follows. The longer you hold on to doubt , the deeper you can travel down that dark tunnel of more doubt, confusion, and just being stuck!

Once you know the answer or truth why you feel the way you do;  then it’s time to say goodbye to doubt and send it on its merry way. Let doubt teach you what you need to know about yourself so that you may move forward. 

In the school of life, we have to be open and willing to accept the truth about ourselves.  Exploring why you are doubtful can lead to finding inspiration in small happenings.  Ask yourself why am I experiencing doubt and what can I learn about myself so that I may push forward?

For example, exploring why you are doubtful of finishing  your degree  may help you to see  that you are afraid of succeeding or failing. We sometimes forget all that we have accomplished in the past until we start exploring the past and realize that we are, in fact, creative, courageous, and resilient. 

 All of a sudden, you may remember something you said or did that helped others, or you may remember something someone else said or did, and now feel inspired to act upon it. One word or thought may lead to you trying something different (i.e adding an ingredient to a recipe, using your story or someone else’s story in a novel or blog you are writing, etc.)

Do not be afraid of doubt. Let it strengthen you.


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