I am unsure as to when I stopped believing in Santa Claus. Maybe, it was when one day, after my mother spent several hours with the bathroom door locked, I noticed that there were pieces of wrapping paper on the floor. Growing up, we did not discuss myths associated with major holidays like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or Thanksgiving. Much of what I learned about holidays, I learned in school and afterward. In regards to Christmas, I think that, as children, we were just so wrapped up in receiving gifts and enjoying good food, family, and friends.

I found myself being torn today wanting to speak the truth again about Christmas and Santa Claus when our son brought up Santa Claus and bringing gifts. I know it is important to be consistent in what you say to your children. How can I teach the truth to our children if I get so caught up in the decorations myself?

My husband and I have spoken to our son about Christmas in the past, yet with all the decorations (Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and others), our son continues to be fixated on getting gifts for Christmas and Santa Claus. So, for History in “school time”, we will be discussing Christmas briefly. I feel that it is important to not push our children. In due time, our children will understand.

How can one go on embracing a myth and not tell the truth?


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