Aromatic: pleasures of life


My top 10 things I love to smell:

1. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
2. freshly cut grass
3. the air right before and after it rains/storms
4. food grilling on a pit
5. new clothes
6. early morning air in the summer time between sunrise and approximately 10am (The air smells so fresh and clean that I usually express gratitude for being alive).
7. of baby’s breath after feeding. (I know..sounds crazy, it’s really the combination of baby’s breath, the satisfaction of the baby being full, and at peace)
8. of Dove Soap (Original). I have been using Dove Soap since the age of 16.
9. the kitchen of a family friend. (He has the magic touch, and pretty much whatever he cooks, comes out perfect).
10. a newly built house.

I am grateful for the ability to smell. Sometimes, you never really appreciate things until they are stripped away from you. I would rather appreciate now and often than later.


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