Percolate: thankful

The idea to cook something different for Thanksgiving began to percolate approximately 2 weeks ago. In the past, Thanksgiving meals consisted of Turkey, dressing and gravy, rolls, and vegetables.

 Roughly a month ago, I started watching Guy Fieri on Sundays, at 9am, on Food Network.
The time was 849am, and I had not eaten my breakfast. I was thinking that I would sit down and catch up on my reading, and that I would just miss Guy’s show  today or see it later given thatI was recording his show. 

So, around 5 til 9, I thought that if I do not watch Guy’s  show now, I will probably not watch it later. So, I decided to watch the show and was ecstatic to see what Guy was making.
Guess what? This past Sunday, Guy made a nontraditional Thanksgiving meal which included Balsamic Braised Leg of Lamb, sweet potato gnocchi and peas and prosciutto.  Yummy!! I wrote the recipes down, of course, and I plan to make all three recipes for Thanksgiving. 

So, I am making a grocery list as we speak in preparation for my nontraditional Thanksgiving meal. Turkey,  dressing and gravy, and rolls will still be on the menu, just in small portions.  I will probably still get up early in the morning to start on Thanksgiving  dinner. I am looking forward to making something different for Thanksgiving!! 

What are you cooking/eating for Thanksgiving?

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