Filthy and my priorities


When others would tell me that their house was filthy because they have been so busy at work, I would wonder how could they function with a messy house, and then I remembered that everyone is not wired the same way. We all have our priorities. I have had some people to tell me that they function better with clutter. Again….we are wired differently,

I used to be obsessed with keeping a clean and organized house. It is frustrating to not be able to find something when I need it. Plus, cleaning up was and still is my release…my form of meditation. I equate a clean and organized house with a clear and focused mind. When everything else around me is in place, I feel in place. I used to allow myself to get distracted by clutter and would quickly stop what I was doing to go clean. This method was counterproductive…. There is more to life than just keeping a clean and organized home. Nowadays, I write more to help clear my mind instead of cleaning more.

Now, that I am a mother, organizing my time is a must. I do my best to avoid a filthy home; however, I am not as obsessed with keeping my home clean. Over the past year, I decided to not spend a great deal of my day cleaning up. So, there may be a few dirty dishes left in the sink overnight or toys left in the living room. I have learned to relax a bit when it comes to cleaning up; yet, I still have my limits. I am also better at organizing my time to make time for other things such as reading, writing etc. I have learned that I need balance in my life. Keeping a clean and organized home is still a priority, and so is enjoying my life and making time for loved ones and myself.

For procrastinators or students having problems focusing on a task, many educators, including myself, will encourage students to declutter their surroundings to help them focus better and complete their task. Typically, if your mind is on 20 different things, your actions will reflect your thoughts. If a student has one project on his or her desk, more than likely that’s what he or she will focus on. Decluttering is usually a good tip to help others focus and achieve their goals.


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