Protest by:

1.Consistently treating others with respect and decency regardless of how they treat you.

2.Fearlessly asking for what you want when the odds appear to be against you.

3. Politely making time for yourself when everyone is asking for you to do something for them.

4. Courageously letting go of relationships that leave you feeling empty and in despair.

5. Undeniably holding your head up and meeting the world head on because you were not a mistake.  You were perfectly made, and you have missions to complete. Leave your mark in the world. 



2 Comments on “Protest”

  1. Honestly, reading this has really helped me. I know this a simple piece you have written, but these thoughts are still so powerful. I try to find a little something to inspire myself every day, and Protest was it. Number five, especially; “You were perfectly made, and you have missions to complete.” Thank you : )

    • Thank u for sharing ur thoughts, and I am grateful that u felt inspired by the post. You r here for reasons. Our journey unravels at the right pace, whether small or in larger segments.

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