How Can You Improve Your Digestion Health?

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I hope you are having a fantastic weekend! In August, I will discuss ways you can improve your digestion. Listen now to podcast.

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In this episode, I introduce digestive health as the month’s topic, discuss general information regarding digestion, and give some tips for improving your digestive health.  You have the power to create the shift you need to improve your health and future generations.

Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #23: Tomorrow Is Not Promised Create A Generational Love Cycle With Timika S Chambers

In this podcast, I share another one of the principles I learned from my mother. We don't do more because we fear we will not be here tomorrow. Instead, we live more in knowing today is a gift.   Make this lifetime great because you can! Timika 
  1. Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #23: Tomorrow Is Not Promised
  2. Are the Troubles You Experience Due to a Lack of Life Principles?
  3. Father's Day: Why I Chose to Forgive My Father
  4. Life Principles I Learned from My Mother #22: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
  5. Life Lessons I Learned From My Mother #21: After You Accept the Truth, You Can Move Forward with Your Life.

Make this lifetime great!


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