Happy Birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me!!!! Wow!!! I saved my beef and pepper steak from the Chinese Garden and made another beef and pepper steak omelet for my birthday!!! I am so grateful to be alive and for the many blessings. I am married to a wonderful man I wished for in my teens. I met Carl during undergrad #southernillinoisuniversity. Fifteen years later, we reunited and got married. I have the curly head boy and girl I wished for, Cam and Cayla. I’ve traveled to some beautiful places and have started Cam and Cayla off as travelers. I am thankful for my mother, Thelma Jones, and my two brothers, Richard Jones and Demetrius Jones, and other family and friends. In addition, I’m grateful for your connection here on WordPress!

Make this lifetime great! You still can!

When they were babies…

My 40th birthday in Vegas…


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