Who’s In Your Mental Space?

Photo by meo on Pexels.com

Although our experiences teach us about ourselves, we do not need to become our experiences or teachers. Whomever or whatever you identify with, you become. And with that, you have given someone access to your mental space.

The cycle of dark pain seeks others like itself to grow stronger. We interrupt the cycle of pain with the cycle of Light. We avoid and dismantle pain’s seductiveness by healing from the inside out and aligning with our True Self. We are not our experiences. What are we then? We are spirits in a human body.

We have internal programming that can transcend experiences, and we can call forth what we need when we need it.

I met many people along my earthly journey, and I focused on the characteristics I liked, including the two family members who misused my developing body. One of the family members has the gift of drawing. The other one has a sense of humor and an unwavering dedication to education. The family member who called us liars was a quiet observer.

I took what I liked, and I left the rest. I didn’t feel guilty about honing those characteristics that resonated with me.

We have the power to become who we want to be and can unite with the Truth within us at anytime. We are creative beings who seek expression and joy. What I liked in others was already in me.

What is your Truth? What are some things you admired about the teachers who hurt you?

I would love for you to be a part of my community bent on healing from the inside out, achieving and sustaining the best health possible, and reuniting with our divine purpose, which is the Light within us.

Make this lifetime great! You deserve all good things waiting for you along your earthly journey.


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