Here are 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Diabetes Journey

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Hi there,

I hope your New Year is off to a great start! I’ve recently posted an article on Diathrive, 5 Ways to Improve Your Diabetes Journey This Year. So, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes or know someone who has, read my article and share it with others.

January is National Staying Healthy Month. Choosing healthier behaviors often increases energy, overall well-being, and quality of life. But, people diagnosed with diabetes (PWD) often put so much pressure on themselves to reach diabetes-related goals immediately. 

Living with a diagnosis of diabetes is a process. No one knows the exact mechanism for everyone to achieve daily normalized blood sugars, weight, and lab values. There are so many life events and stressors that surround PWD. Often guilt and self-doubt creep in when we set high expectations instead of living the journey. Everyone diagnosed with diabetes’ life journey is different. But being different doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Here are five transformational ways to start the year on your individualized diabetes journey. Click here to read more.

Make this lifetime great because you can!


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