Clumsy: I used to think I was clumsy


I used to think I was clumsy, and I often gave into the label. I would occasionally  bump into chairs, walls, drop certain things, place things on the edge of a counter and soon hear it drop.  I have intellectually known that I needed to take my time to complete activities, and for some reason I continued to rush and try to get things done while bumping into stuff, dropping things, and sometimes misplacing things. Now, to my knowledge, I am in good health.  I could blame the kids, lack of time, or use any other excuses.  It’s me. The more conscious I became about my behavior, the more I saw it was me who was rushing trying to get things down.  Clumsiness for me happens when I do not take my time and do not plan accordingly and execute consciously.  So, I am vowing to slow down a bit more. I need to slow down, because as I have written in previous blogs, I want to live a long, happy, healthy, prosperous life.  I cannot live the life that  I want if I am putting my body in a stressful state trying to get things done.

  1. I want least 6.5 -7 hours of rest most nights of the week.  I need to be in bed my 930pm.  My biological clock is in tune with sunrise and sunset.  As night falls, my body starts shutting down.
  2. I need to stick to my plans and continue to trust my intuition.  I have made daily schedules and meal plans, but I do not use them consistently.  I need to be and feel organized.  When I am organized, I typically have a better day, and I don’t feel so drained trying to do everything.  My mother and brothers may say that I am a little bit OCD about cleaning up.  I may go a little bit overboard with the saying “take care of what you have, and you will be blessed with more.”
  3. I will no longer check my work emails after work .  We should have boundaries when it comes to work and personal life.  I have heard too many stories of people experiencing medical issues because they lack balance in their lives and do not take care of themselves like they should.
  4. l will incorporate more activities that I like to do in my life.  If I do not consistently do what I want to do …the things that make me happy, when will I?

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