Does A Diabetes Diagnosis Prevent You From Eating Gut-Friendly Strawberries?

red strawberry fruit lot
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People with diabetes are often told what they can’t eat. Carbohydrates foster the assumption that food is off-limits. Although these foods are sometimes viewed as problematic with diabetes, here’s the reality: no food is off-limits. Learn how to make strawberries work with blood sugar in mind. Did you know strawberries can help protect the cells in your body, including the cells in your gut? Read more on Diathrive.

Also, have you heard the news of a recent human intervention study? Strawberries can have a positive effect on digestive health!

Remember, you are the master of the food you put in your body. The food you consume comes from an individual choice. So be a student of your health and watch your health flourish.

Make this lifetime great!

Timika Chambers

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3 Comments on “Does A Diabetes Diagnosis Prevent You From Eating Gut-Friendly Strawberries?”

  1. My husband was a diabetic, as well as chronic heart failure, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, as well as others. He was on 80 units of insulin early on, and with portion control, and exercise, he was done to 6 units when he passed away recently age 87.


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