My Breakfast Skillet on a Plate

Good morning!

I didn’t know what I wanted for breakfast, so I let my creativity lead the way. I am so grateful my meal plans are flexible.

As you fulfill your purpose, take care of your body (your vehicle for your divine purpose). You can always fit vegetables in your breakfasts. Skillet breakfasts are a great idea to get your vegetables in your health plan.

Here are the steps I used:

1. Cleaned and diced two small potatoes (I saved some for later). Next, I added Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the pan and cooked the potatoes until soft but not too soft. ( I didn’t add a lid because I didn’t want smothered potatoes). Then, I added about half the potatoes to my plate.

2. I scrambled my egg in a pan and laid it on top of my potatoes.

3. I added approximately one tablespoon of EVOO to the pan I used for cooking my potatoes. Then I added mushrooms, diced onions, bell peppers, green peppers, and spinach and sauteed for approximately 2 minutes. I like my veggies on the harder side.

4. Next, I added approximately half a handful of shredded cheese. The serving size for cheese is an ounce, which is the size of two dice.

5. I microwaved my dish to melt the cheese, and I like my food hot.

I will be sharing more recipes on my Facebook page, Fulfill Your Divine Purpose.

It’s easy to get caught up in diets and external opinions about what you should eat. But, each meal plan is individual.

Make this lifetime great because you still can!

Timika Chambers

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