Subdued negative emotions and feelings have been shown to have a positive effect on our health.  Negative emotions/feelings not dealt with will leak out in your thoughts and actions at some point in your life, whether minutes, hours, days,  weeks, and/or years later.  When we do not address the root cause of our anger, jealousy, fear, bitterness, frustration, they can grow like weeds in our mind and body and spill off into our actions, whether consciously or unconsciously.  Our inability to self reflect, release, and  control our emotions can lead to violence such as bullying, domestic abuse, neglect, or even not taking care of ourselves the way we should.  .

I see negative emotions/feelings as negative energy that may cause our body to go haywire by interfering with the chemicals that are supposed to help our body stay in balance and by causing our body to produce toxins. These toxins may then cause our blood sugars to  rise or go to low, our blood pressure to go high, heart rate to skyrocket (tachycardia) or to drop (bradycardia), increase kidney stones and poor circulation because our heart and vessels are stressed beyond the body’s way to maintain balance on its own.. There is a common factor, among the many different factors that cause illnesses and diseases.  I believe stress is a common factor in rare conditions and common health conditions  (i.e. diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia, and different blood disorders), and it is not so much stress as it is ineffective coping or not properly dealing with stress.   In essence,  it is easy to see why not forgiving yourself and others, and holding on to negative emotions and feelings are forms of self sabotage.  We are doing harm to ourselves than we think or led to believe.

Whatever is your story, you always have a choice to be a victim or use your story to positively transform your life and the life of others.  Many have taken the path of healing and being a light in someone’s darkness.



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