Your Past Doesn’t Determine Your Future: You Do

Hi there!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! It’s Monday, and I have a message for you. What inner programming have you been carrying around with you? How do you face a diagnosis or an illness? What do you tell yourself when you notice a cold, flu, or other symptoms? Do you believe that because someone else in your family had something (anxiety, diabetes, loss of limb, or other condition), that you will have it, too?

Well, I believe,

Listen to this week’s message on Create A Generational Love Cycle.

Self-Destruction or Self-Illumination: It's Your Choice Create A Generational Love Cycle With Timika S Chambers

One of the greatest factors guiding the generational cycle of pain is our belief systems. Every day we come in contact with data from all walks of life. And our perception of the experience starts the ripple effect of self-destruction or self-illumination of the light inside us. Whatever we do to ourselves, we often do to others. We must intentionally use the time to pick the weeds (anger, fear, hate, and the like) out of our internal garden daily. Make an effort to take the trash out every Friday so that you can enjoy your weekends with family, friends, and yourself. Mondays do not have to be known for the day most cardiac events occur. Make this lifetime great because you still can! Timika Chambers
  1. Self-Destruction or Self-Illumination: It's Your Choice
  2. The Seeds We Plant Series #11: Thankfulness with Special Guest Cameron Chambers, My Son
  3. Remember Who You Are Series #7 Forgiveness:
  4. Remember Who You Are Series #6: The Power of Gratitude
  5. The Seeds We Plant Series #10: Tact

Make this lifetime great! Don’t you deserve a life of joy, love, and purpose.


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