What Makes You Different from the People Who Projected Their Pain on You?

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Life presents us with different situations to express our true selves. We must be careful in not harboring ill will towards another or remembering past behaviors for the wrong done. Instead, we unclothe our experiences and take what resonates with the truth inside ourselves. Just because someone acted a certain way is never an excuse to repeat the behavior. And minor renditions of conduct are the same behavior.

We cannot fully express ourselves if we are holding unto the past. Every thought seed grows inside of us through our cultivation of it. Let go of the past by giving the projected pain back to the person. Remember how you felt and choose to help others avoid such experiences.

As a parent, we cannot fully be available to our children if we harbor the actions and inactions of others. I believe as parents, we give our children what we didn’t have and more. We start from the inside, helping them see that experiences don’t define them and that they have what they need to put experiences in a healthy perspective.

Instead of saying I am not as bad as the other person, consider replacing the phrase with I choose to align with the truth in me. Your spirit knows even if you are unsure of what this truth is.

In today’s Create A Generational Love Cycle episode, I discuss another essential principle to creating a legacy from the inside out. As always, let me know your thoughts.

May Gratitude Encase Your Heart This Holiday Season (2022) Create A Generational Love Cycle With Timika S Chambers

Transcendence is about realizing you are more than your experience. Your life has meaning and purpose, and nothing or no one on earth can change your divine makeup.  May this holiday season be a time of deep reflection and revelation.  Desire to be free mentally, physically, socially, spiritually, and in every aspect of your health.  Timika
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Make this lifetime great because you still can!


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