Chambers’ Kitchen 06/12/2022: Shortbread Cookies

Hi there!

I hope all is well with you and yours! Cayla told me she wanted to make some cookies…not chocolate chip, but some she could decorate. I found a shortbread cookie recipe on Allrecipes. When we cook with our children, I give them an avenue to express their creativity, empower them to believe they can create from scratch, and instill life-sustaining information. Before Cayla went to bed last night, she told me she wanted to make a cake in six days. In addition, I’ve noticed that Cayla has been singing more.

Motherhood is a challenging opportunity to evolve into the highest versions of ourselves and help our children to do the same. I will never get this time back. Therefore, I want to make the best of my presence in their lives.

Make this lifetime great because you can!


Timika S Chambers, The Lioness
Remember Who You

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