Health Tip: Water: An Absolute Necessity to Sustainable Health

clean clear cold drink
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Hi there!

How are you doing with your water intake?

Water must be an intentional act when it comes to achieving and sustaining optimal health. The cells in your body need water to function to their highest ability. Not only is water a natural purifier, but it also cushions your joints, flushes your digestive system, maintains blood pressure, normalizes electrolytes within your body, and other life-sustaining actions. Check out this article from Harvard Health for more information about what water does and how to get individualized and consistent water intake into your health plan.

Here is an excellent article from Healthline on water-rich foods, another intentional way to get water inside your fantastic body.

Health tip: Serve water at every meal. Carry water bottles in your car and keep a cooler. When my children went to a brick-and-mortar school, I filled their water bottles with water. It’s incredible how much water your children will drink if that is the only option they have.

Make this lifetime great because you can!


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