Do You Hunger For The Truth?

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There is so much information out there about how to do this and that. Sometimes we get so lost in the information that we forget our connection to the Truth. We struggle with trusting ourselves and lean on others’ opinions more.

After my childhood abuse secret was out, I was told that the mother of the two family members who sexually abused me called all of the girls involved liars. Every cell in my body knew what happened, and for someone to dismiss it, I couldn’t believe it. 

But, you know, being called a liar drove me closer to God. One day, I got on my knees, and I always prayed to know the truth. I practiced telling the truth, from something as small as the color of a bug to acknowledging my feelings. I also sought the truth in many of my experiences which I know kept me out of trouble.

One lesson I learned from my childhood abuse experience is to trust myself. When the Voice of Reason told me to tell my abusers, I replied, no, I couldn’t tell on the nicer one. Of course, later, I had to redefine what nice meant.

One of the best things we can give ourselves to avoid and delay mental health issues is aligning ourselves with the truth within us. I truly believe that the truth sets us free (John 8:32). 

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