Day 4: How Do You Strengthen Your Eyes Spiritually?

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The question is not will we experience trials and tribulations, but what tools do we have to weather life’s storms? 

Over the past several years, I’ve learned that the Bible is my go-to source for life experiences. The first time I read the entire Bible was when I was around 10 years old after my sexual abuse secret was out. While standing at the crossroads of my life with a broken compass, I called out to nature for help, and a series of events took place, including getting a copy of the King James Bible.

Now, more than ever, I know I avoided many of the childhood sexual abuse consequences (addictions, delinquencies, sexual promiscuity, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, and others) because of my faith, my heart’s desires, and what I learned from childhood sexual abuse (shared in my upcoming memoir Bent Not Broken). I learned about Jesus and admired and identified with Him. I developed a spiritual approach to life. I was not a victim but a student of life.

Later in life, at another major crossroads, I saw oppositions and distractions to reuniting with my purpose in life. The victim approach to life sunk in my consciousness, and along with the life-draining approach, came its symptoms (anxiety and increased heart rate and blood pressure). Realizing that I had weathered the storm of childhood sexual abuse and remembering the spiritual lessons I learned restored me to my rightful narrow path.

I realized that the spiritual approach to life is the healthier way to live. Of course, I can blame, hit, kick, steal, fuss, cuss, etc., but what will all that do for me in the long run? 

I need to consistently ground myself by aligning with nature and the God within me. Nothing else will give me the joy, love, and peace I deserve.

So, as you think about the things you do in times of stress, do not shift to blame. The way we change our behaviors is through acceptance and acknowledgment. Each day holds its own treasures and brings us closer to our True Selves.

Here are five ways to strengthen your eyes.

  1. See that you are more than a bodily form. Within you is a magnificent Spirit.
  2. Spend time aligning with the Spirit inside you (i.e., sitting, standing, walking out in nature so you can see right through experiences as Jesus knew the hearts of men (John 2:24–25). Then we spend less time in anger, disappointment, and other lingering unhealthy emotions and feelings which cloud our vision.
  3. Daily ground yourself in Truth. Some of the things I do to ground myself include reading the Bible every morning and communicating with God through prayer or just conversation. There is more to the Bible than the question of believing in Jesus. There are universal truths in the Bible, such as loving others, not stealing, and what to focus on (Philippians 4:8–9).
  4. Learn phrases to help you stay centered. There are many Bible verses to help ground you, for every book in the Bible is filled with wisdom. I usually turn to Proverbs, Ephesians, Philippians, to name a few. Remember, we aren’t experiencing anything new. In other words, the universal principles that applied 2000 plus years ago still apply today.
  5. Remember, life experiences test your foundation. Within every experience, there is something to learn about yourself.

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