Are You Listening?

Hi there,

Often, we know what to do but don’t trust ourselves (the higher wisdom within us). Are you taking the time to check in to get vital information about your next steps? All of us have access to the truth. The question is, “are you listening and aligning yourself with the highest version of yourself?” When we aren’t listening, we must ask ourselves questions to get to the root of rejecting the truth. Why do I not trust my inner wisdom? What am I afraid of? Do I deserve to have the life I desire?

Often change involves getting to the root of our actions. Many people experience cardiac events on Mondays, often related to chronic unmanaged stress. You don’t have to be a statistic. Out of the heart flows issues of life, and I want to help you remove blockages that interfere with achieving and sustaining optimal health as you fulfill your divine purpose. On Mondays, I discuss common issues I’ve seen that often increase inner and outer stress and offer ways to align the body, mind, and spirit for a healthier version of you as you fulfill your life’s purpose.

Make this lifetime great because you can!


Timika S Chambers

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