Sustainable Health

There are no quick ways to sustainable health, yet, many times we look for convenience or make excuses why we should consume more than the recommended serving sizes of foods, frequently consume fast foods, or commit to the goals we set before the new year.

We may compare our life to others, including our children, spouse, house, clothes, and weight, only to go down the disillusioned dark tunnel of defeat. Our bodies come equipped with the necessary parts to help us be successful along our journey. However, each body comes with its wiring thresholds, biochemical makeup, and specific genes that make it unique.

We are here to embrace, engage, and express the divine gifts that we have. Our body is a temple, and there are certain things that our body requires. Many respectable organizations have recommendations; however, our health lies in our hands and not the companies. We, and no one else, experience the side effects. Yes. Our actions do impact others directly and indirectly; however, our focus must be not on statistics and what everyone does, but how can I take better care of what I have. I am not talking about being a rebellion. I empower others to think for themselves.

Eating the right foods do not need to be rocket science. I have found that many people obsess with calorie counting only to end up frustrated when they cannot live up to self-induced limitations. We must pay attention to our body-that burning sensation in our chest, the fast heart rate after consuming an excess of carbohydrates, fats, and salts, or the stomach pains from consuming too much cheese or ice cream.

The desire for self-care is not so that we can look like someone else or feel good about ourselves. Feeling good about ourselves is a secondary reward. Knowing that we are here for a purpose must be the desire to fuel self-care. We choose to take care of our bodies because our bodies help us to fulfill our callings.

Being active throughout takes flexibility and patience. You are worth it every minute! There are so many examples of how we can increase activity during the day. Let your body be your guide on what activity works best for you. Completing the right amount of physical activity for our body should not be boring, a chore, or exhausting. Pick the activities that you enjoy doing and ask yourself how you can increase the duration and intensity.

There is nothing like living a life based on someone else’s dreams. Doing work that does not bring you joy can be as stressful as not eating the right foods or getting enough physical activity. I believe that embracing, nourishing, and expressing our God-given gifts is our life work. When we do what we joy, other things in our lives fall into place.

There is a time for everything. The more we sync ourselves with our Creator, the more we have the peace that surpasses understanding.

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How do you individualize your self-care?

Make this life great!


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