These Questions May Help You Change Your State of Mind

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What are your thoughts about yourself? Where did they come from? And, how reliable is the source?

Here is an excerpt from my memoir, Bent Not Broken.

“Sometime after the sexual abuse secret was out, several thoughts visited me. I was around 10 or 11, and one day, while standing in what I believe now to have been my sanctuary, a thought entered my mind.  Now, you are afraid of men.” It was as if my mind speed traveled to the future and back to tell me that fearing other men would not work for the life I wanted.  Out loud, I said, “I cannot live like that.”

I didn’t want to be afraid. I wanted to be happy and enjoy life.

Although I was more selective as a child about my circle of influence, I continued to learn that our thoughts create our reality, and at any time, we can change our thoughts. We don’t have to be the opposite of who we are. I believe we are breathing, talking, and walking, miracles. Think about the whole process that went into creating you. Wow! Isn’t that a miracle? You have something that someone needs, and it’s more than the vehicle (body) you have.

I believe if we want something bad enough, we can obtain it. Let’s achieve mental success, as well.

Only you can free yourself, one thought at a time.

Make this lifetime great! You deserve it!


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