Day 2: What Can You Do To Achieve Healthy Weight For Your Eye Health?

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As you know, achieving a healthy weight is more than physical. Your emotional, mental, social, and spiritual state plays a role in how you take care of yourself. The more baggage (anger, disappointments, inner hatred, resentment, and the like), the more stress you add to your body. An increase in stress affects how you think about food, how you process food (i.e., cortisol and decreasing ability to burn fat), and how you treat your body (active life versus non-active life). Whatever you do for your body, your eyes experience as well. For example, the higher your cholesterol level is, the more chance you have of your highways becoming blocked. Remember, your eyes have small highways running through, to, and away from them

Whatever prevents you from letting go of the extra cargo (myths, grudges, expectations, and disappointments), it’s time to let go and live. No matter what someone says or does to you, your health should not have to suffer. Others’ unhealthy actions are from them and their response to pain or unhealed wounds. My sexual abuse experience was not a reason for me to disregard my body. I am the one who is with my body 24/7 and experiences consequences related to unhealthy weight. Not them.

 Healthcare providers use body mass index (BMI) to determine your individualized treatment plan for health and fitness. You can check your BMI before and between your provider visits. I encourage people to become students of their health; please do not wait for your healthcare provider to tell you something you already know. If you need help, please voice your concerns and questions to your healthcare provider or someone you trust.

Here are a five considerations to support you in achieving a healthy weight.

  1. Ask yourself what’s the purpose of your body? Get clarity that your body is more than a deposit. You have something valuable to share with someone or more than one person. In other words, your body is the vehicle for your message.
  2. What is an approximate healthy weight for you? Would you please use the link above to check your BMI? Healthy weight is achieved with the proper use of knowledge. No guilt. No blame. Just know where you stand.
  3. Ask yourself what it would mean to you to achieve and sustain a healthy weight. For example, are you struggling with energy, focus, motivation, etc., because of your current health status? If so, know you do not need to continue a cycle of pain or start a cycle of pain. 
  4. Know your family history and medical conditions. Is there something internal ( i.e., thyroid or eye problem) preventing you from achieving your healthy weight goals?  A blood test may reveal there is something else going on with your body, brain, etc.
  5. Seek like-minded support in developing a health plan. Check your health insurance to see what benefits you have (i.e., holistic doctor, Registered Dietician, nutritionist, health coach benefits). And, never feel guilty about seeking a second opinion. No one experiences your frustrations, pain, and other symptoms, but you.

You are here for reasons. Your eye health depends on how you treat your body.  There are so many ways to achieve a healthy weight, but until the mind is in the right state, sustainable optimal health will continue to be an issue.

Make this lifetime great! You deserve it. 

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