Is Love Foreign To Me?

If I limit my birth to my parents, how else will I limit myself?

My biological father was not an active parent growing up. Something else distracted him from the role of being a parent.

Early on, I realized that I had to become what I did not have. It is unfortunate that he missed out on the evolvement of three beautiful children and continues to miss out. On enjoying his grandchildren.

My mother would always say “life goes on with or without you.” My father taught me to do my best to handle my issues so that I can be there for my children and myself.

I stopped a little while in angerville, mostly when I was younger. I realized that no amount of anger or angry words can make anyone be who you want them to be. The choice to be a father always lies with him. Today, the choice to be a mother lies with me.

Since I know what it is like to not have a parent’s love, I do not want my children to ever feel that way. His example continues to fuel me to be my best…to dig within and express the love that God continues to give to me.

God brought people in our lives to help meet our needs. When my father could not be the father I wanted him to be, God was there.

I am grateful that I did not let my father’s absence stop me from living my life.

May you make the best of this lifetime!


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