Who Do They Say I Am?

Happy Sunday!

The world will try to define you by its standards, categories, and labels. But there is something in you that knows you can’t be limited, nor do you live by others’ definitions.

For examples:

1. If you have a diagnosis (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, coronavirus), then you should be afraid, anxious, hopeless, sick, and others.

2. If you do not have this (a car, home, money, and others), then you are broken, depressed, and unstable.

3. If you experienced this (domestic violence, child abuse, assault, and others), then you should be angry, anxious, crazy, homebound, and resentful.

4. If you came from this (culture, family, and others), you should be lacking, upset, resentful, and vengeful.

The only person you are is who God created you to be.

Make this lifetime great! You still can!

Timika Chambers

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