Let Go of The Thoughts That Create Suffering

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In today’s episode, I discuss thoughts and what I’ve observed in my life and others. Thoughts are seeds that produce harvests (experiences). Often, we try to change our experiences without changing our thoughts. But, as you know, weeds (potentially harmful thoughts) will continue to grow in our subconscious minds until we remove their roots. I encourage you to not only reflect on your experiences but get to the heart of your life events, whether they brought you joy or perceived suffering. Within every experience is something to learn about yourself and an opportunity to increase awareness. If we are co-creators of our lives, what are you bringing into your life? In addition, I encourage you to ask yourself some pivotal questions and provide helpful tips on cleaning up your internal garden (conscious and subconscious mind). Your actions, thoughts, and words will confirm what’s in your garden.

Thank you for listening and reading my blog. As always, let me know your thoughts. 

  1. Do you believe your thoughts have anything to do with your life experiences? 
  2. Do you believe you are in control of your thoughts?
  3. How have your thoughts impacted your life experiences (emotional well-being, spirituality, physical health, & mental health)?
  4. Do you believe your life should be different? Is there another way to achieve the life you want, but you are unsure how to get there?

The Seeds We Plant Series: Purposefulness Create A Generational Love Cycle With Timika S Chambers

How would our world be different if we really understood and promoted purposefulness? Many people daily fight the barraging of divisive actions, words, opinions, and stereotypes. Energy in the form of intimidation of others' gifts, greed, and sabotage continues to circle the world. Many people question their life's meaning and purpose and wonder if they belong here. There are no mistakes. Every being has a purpose. Like our creator, we are here to express unconditional love and guide children in expressing their divine gifts. We teach children not to give up and focus their energy and minds on what they want to accomplish. The more we help our children be who they are, the more we become who we are. Hence, whatever we teach we become. Purposefulness goes beyond titles. Living a life of purpose means knowing that every earthly task has divine importance. Make this lifetime great because you still can! Timika
  1. The Seeds We Plant Series: Purposefulness
  2. The Seeds We Plant Series: Perseverance
  3. What Is Your Definition of Love?
  4. Are You Your Best Friend?
  5. May Gratitude Encase Your Heart This Holiday Season (2022)

Make this lifetime great because you can!

Timika S Chambers
Hi there, I hope all is well with you! In today’s Heart-to-Heart Monday session, I discuss how your perceptions of…timikaschambers.com.

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