What Do You Believe?

Good morning!

Often my mother told her children that “God is not in a building. He is in our hearts.” Of course, the above statements don’t minimize any buildings or religions. But, our actions stem from what we believe at our core and not solely on what we profess. As my mother says, “we can fix our mouths to say anything.” But, our heart speaks our actual state (Matthew 12:34).

So, what are your beliefs about humanity, purpose, life and it’s meaning, children, marriage, and parenting?

Whatever we believe shows in our actions and words. And, if something isn’t in alignment with our beliefs, we analyze and weed out any behaviors and thoughts that don’t match our core beliefs.

Your beliefs will govern:

1. How you take care of your body (the foods you eat, activities, sleep, and life-work balance)

2. The thoughts you meditate on.

3. How you treat someone unlike yourself.

4. How you continually act after a disappointment or expectation unmet.

5. How you approach educating, empowering, and inspiring your children and others.

6. How you treat children, your wife, husband, or significant other.

Everything we do stems from our core beliefs. Can beliefs change? Yes, they can, especially if you believe your thoughts can.

Make this lifetime great! You still can!

Timika Chambers

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